Coaching Staff

Varsity Coaches:

Doug Nielsen– youth program inquiries:

Doug started coaching in 6th grade when his parents purchased USA Basketball on Sega Genesis. Within a month he had secured a gold medal for the dream team on the hardest level. He’s never looked back.

Chrissy Lassen

It’s important to know that I have a love and appreciation for all music (including country and some death metal), prefer driving with windows down and arm out the window, and somehow turned into a cat lover when I adopted a ferell cat that I refer to as Carl Lewis. 

Less important facts are: 
Graduated from BYU with a B.S. in athletic training/sports medicine
Worked in physical therapy for years and the last two decades have been involved in recovering human tissue from donors for transplant. 
Enjoy the outdoors and being active (somewhat obsessive about hiking) as well as sitting on a couch binge watching trashy tv or reading a book. 

I’m excited to be working with BHS girls basketball!

Laura Damron

Laura has been around the Brighton High basketball program off and on over the last 18 years.  She played for Brighton from 2003-2007 and returned to coach for 6 years starting in 2013.  She is the proud assistant coach of our 2015 State Championship team.  After a two year break, Laura is back and ready to roll. Lady Bengals forever! 

Josh Stephens Bengal consultant for life.

Sophomore Coaches: