Due to the unprecedented times of COVID-19 and the effect it is having on our schools and athletic programs, we are canceling our Bantam tryouts for this year. We were hoping that we could continue with tryouts and be back to some semblance of normalcy; however, things have not gone as smooth as we were hoping. We are truly sorry for this.  The uncertainty of the current environment makes it impossible to continue our bantam program as normal for this upcoming year.

The Bantam League still may continue, but we are only unable to manage the teams this year. Parents, we are leaving it up to you to assemble and manage the teams. If you would like to assemble a team, we can help with posting your necessary information on our site and through our email list.

Please contact Coach Doug Nielsen with any questions. Email at

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any gym space this year.

Sorry again for this unexpected turn of events.

-Brighton High Basketball


This fall The Brighton Girls Basketball Program will continue its tradition of creating and maintaining highly competitive youth teams. Tryouts will be held every October. Check back for important dates. Please visit tab for more details.

Tryouts: NEXT YEAR.

Grades: 5-8 (skilled 4th graders welcome).

Cost: Jersey/shorts $50, 2 leagues 16 games approx $160.


SEND ALL QUESTIONS TO Coach Doug Nielsen 801-513-4711 or



1. LOCATION CHANGE: Camp will be at Albion Middle School.
2. Grades 7-8 are first, going from 9-10:30 AM. Grades 4-6 will go 10:30-noon. We will have some signs helping you line up the kids, appropriately distancing. I’m sure the line will look like a mile long. Once the first session is over they will exit out the back doors. Some players will escort them back to the front of the building.
3. My BHS players will bring them in 4 at a time. We have 14 hoops. We will put max 4 at a hoop.
4. BRING A WATER BOTTLE. The players will not rotate stations, etc. They will stay at the same hoop the entire time. Their water bottle needs to be there.
5. It is recommended to bring your own basketball. Not necessary. Just recommended. Maybe highly recommended.
6. As mentioned before. We won’t be able to scrimmage or run “contact” drills. Don’t worry, I’ll still work these kids and get those scholarships ready for you.
7. I will not gather them together. All demonstrations will be in the middle of the gym where all kids can see.
8. CHECK IN CHANGE: Sorry you don’t get that new pen I promised you. To keep it as contactless as possible, one of my players will mark off the kids once the camp has started.

Coach Doug Nielsen
Brighton High School

Brighton Girls Basketball will be holding it’s annual basketball camp this summer Aug 10-12. Please click on the basketball camp tab in the menu bar for more details.

All kids 4th to 8th grade are welcome!

All proceeds will go directly to the Brighton Girls Basketball Program.

Bantam Tryouts October 12, 2019

Girls bantam tryouts will be October 12th in the main gym. Please email to register or call Doug Nielsen 801-513-4711 for more information.

There will be no “cuts”. We try to have every kid play on a team. If you have a pre formed team, those are great too. If you’d like to coach please let us know! We will have teams in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade divisions. Fifth graders are welcome to play.

Euro makes dramatic return!

Cottonwood Heights- The rumors are true. Step aside Holy Roman Empire, back off First British Empire, “let them eat what did you say?”… there’s a new revolution in town folks. 

After the Euro had officially been banned from all BHS related activities, which included: shop, baking, geometry, and basketball, Annabelle Warner, against all odds, brought the house down in dramatic fashion on Thursday night with her signature move.

It shall henceforth be known in Bengaldom simply as “Heuro”. Yes, the perfected female version of the Euro. Three times more deadly than it’s male counterpart, mostly because it does not forgive without discussion, will sacrifice the move’s finish for the sake of understanding (which in this case are broken ankles), is not sidelined by the common cold, and most importantly-can be pulled off while multitasking any other non-related task to perfection.

The revolution is here folks and it’s not going away. A section of the post game audio has been posted here as well as the BHS play by play call of Warner’s deadly advance.

All we want is more Euro

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS – In a night when the Hunter Wolverines program outscored the Bengals program a thousand to 5, you’d think the hallways and parking lot would be buzzing about what a dominant performance HHS put on. Not at all.

The only conversation that could be heard, from the Hunter locker room to the Chevron up the hill was–we want more Euro. Annabelle Warner (7 pts, 3 assists, 1 deadly euro) received the inbound pass, went coast to coast breaking ankles and tearing ACLs, paused for a moment at the three point line… and then delivered what historians are already dubbing “the euro that could have been.”

“The play was in slow motion to me,” Coach Nielsen, obviously emotional, said in his post game press conference. I saw the first kid go down broken ankle and all, then the second kid tumble on the euro’s next step… I mean… she literally made me believe in the All Mighty again. Until she air balled it by about 3 feet.”

Yes it’s true. “The Euro that could have been” will always be remembered as that–what it could have been. Even after the ball cleared the hoop by a few yards, Hunter players will still giving each other high fives-over the euro. The refs even shared a fist-bump immediately after. It was that good.

The Bengals fought hard but in the end the Wolverines came out victorious. In a game where players constantly thought they were playing Australian Rugby and not basketball, they’re lucky to even come out alive. 

Brighton is appealing the refs decision to take away Nicki Vfyvinkel’s basket to the UHSA after she received her 5th foul on a charging call. The appeal states that Ms. Nicki was confused and thought she was actually playing football and was heading to the end zone–therefore the basket should be counted as 6 points for the touchdown, with a PAT to follow.

The Bengals will play all the neighborhood kids who didn’t make the team next week at Skyline.


Bengals look good in season opener, Nicky goes off for 32

By Doug Nielsen

Nicky Vyfvinkel ate her wheaties yesterday. In fact, she ate hers and then the Cougar’s. It was the quietest full game dominance I think I’ve ever seen. In a night where most kids are so “first game” nervous, Nicky decides to put up 32 in Brighton’s first game of the season.

Don’t get me wrong. The entire team played awesome. Lilly and Annabelle put up 8 and 7 respectively… but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a 32 point beat down like that.

I hadn’t even gotten through my 3rd Diet Coke by the time she had 20. By the time I’d texted my wife the results of the sophomore game she had 25. I’m excited for this season. If Nicky can keep that up, followed by double digit production from the guards… this team is gonna be tough to beat.

Final score: BRIGHTON 61 KEARNS 45.