GRADE ENTERING FALL 2021. 3/4/5 graders 8:45-10 AM. 6/7 graders 10-11:30 AM. 8/9 graders 11:30-1 PM. Mon, Tues, Wed. THESE ARE THE CORRECT TIMES.

Thanks so much for registering for our camp! Here is our approved plan-please use your entering Fall 2021 grade.

Lastly the registration link had shirt sizes as an option. Since registration is open till Aug 1 we did the same as last year and just ordered random sizes based on grades, etc. I’m not sure why the link had you do that and I apologize. We’ll also have wristbands, camper of the day prizes as well as Camp Champ tee shirts this year. Last day to register Aug 1 for any late comers!

TO REGISTER: https://canyons.revtrak.net/bhs-girls-basketball-camp-summer-2021

Heading into last game–BHS players setting records

In this week’s win over Hillcrest, senior Jaimeson Meyer recorded over 1,000 points in her basketball career. Third in BHS scoring behind the legendary Hutson (1322 points) and Dani Barton (1030).

Senior Lilly Cheatham has found a sincere love for the deep three! Lilly has become the ALL TIME Brighton Girls Basketball Program leader in career 3 pointers.

All these numbers will be posted once the season has finished. We are so proud of these two outstanding players.


The following players are to report tomorrow, November 25, 2020, for practice at 11am-1pm. We, the coaches, sincerely appreciate the effort made by all student-athletes. Trying out takes courage and hard work, and we appreciate you giving us that energy. We wish everyone the most excellent success in all you do. Regular team practices begin Nov 30th at 3:30pm.

Buzianis, Ava

Dahl, Ellie

Holtry, Shelise

Metcalf, Jordan

Miner, Mylee

Nielsen, Kate

Smith, Mackenzie

Workman, Denali

Williams, Kate

Remember, by showing up tomorrow you are agreeing to the teams rules presented today at tryouts. PARENT MEETING NOVEMBER 25 AT 5PM IN THE AUX GYM. Players do not need to attend (keep numbers low). Show your parents the team rules tonight!!

Good work! I’m proud of you guys. Thanks for your energy and positivity!

Coaches Nielsen, Jones and Gray.