Euro makes dramatic return!

Cottonwood Heights- The rumors are true. Step aside Holy Roman Empire, back off First British Empire, “let them eat what did you say?”… there’s a new revolution in town folks. 

After the Euro had officially been banned from all BHS related activities, which included: shop, baking, geometry, and basketball, Annabelle Warner, against all odds, brought the house down in dramatic fashion on Thursday night with her signature move.

It shall henceforth be known in Bengaldom simply as “Heuro”. Yes, the perfected female version of the Euro. Three times more deadly than it’s male counterpart, mostly because it does not forgive without discussion, will sacrifice the move’s finish for the sake of understanding (which in this case are broken ankles), is not sidelined by the common cold, and most importantly-can be pulled off while multitasking any other non-related task to perfection.

The revolution is here folks and it’s not going away. A section of the post game audio has been posted here as well as the BHS play by play call of Warner’s deadly advance.