All we want is more Euro

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS – In a night when the Hunter Wolverines program outscored the Bengals program a thousand to 5, you’d think the hallways and parking lot would be buzzing about what a dominant performance HHS put on. Not at all.

The only conversation that could be heard, from the Hunter locker room to the Chevron up the hill was–we want more Euro. Annabelle Warner (7 pts, 3 assists, 1 deadly euro) received the inbound pass, went coast to coast breaking ankles and tearing ACLs, paused for a moment at the three point line… and then delivered what historians are already dubbing “the euro that could have been.”

“The play was in slow motion to me,” Coach Nielsen, obviously emotional, said in his post game press conference. I saw the first kid go down broken ankle and all, then the second kid tumble on the euro’s next step… I mean… she literally made me believe in the All Mighty again. Until she air balled it by about 3 feet.”

Yes it’s true. “The Euro that could have been” will always be remembered as that–what it could have been. Even after the ball cleared the hoop by a few yards, Hunter players will still giving each other high fives-over the euro. The refs even shared a fist-bump immediately after. It was that good.

The Bengals fought hard but in the end the Wolverines came out victorious. In a game where players constantly thought they were playing Australian Rugby and not basketball, they’re lucky to even come out alive. 

Brighton is appealing the refs decision to take away Nicki Vfyvinkel’s basket to the UHSA after she received her 5th foul on a charging call. The appeal states that Ms. Nicki was confused and thought she was actually playing football and was heading to the end zone–therefore the basket should be counted as 6 points for the touchdown, with a PAT to follow.

The Bengals will play all the neighborhood kids who didn’t make the team next week at Skyline.